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Sunday, February 20, 2011

when imaginations run wild...

Last night, I was working on something in my computer at home. In goes my little girl telling me that she just saved a kitty cat -- a pretend kitty cat -- from a tree. She was pretending to be a firefighter. :)

So I said: "let the kitty sit on mommy's table.". 
But she goes: "here mommy the kitty cat." She wants me to pretend cuddling it.

Out of annoyance over the pretend kitty, I pretended to shove it in my mouth and gulped. So I thought that was the end of it when all of a sudden my little girl burst into tears.

"Mommy my kitty cat! you ate her...huhuhuhu" she wailed,

"Sweetheart its only a pretend kitty. There's really no kitty cat" I said.
"Waaaah!! kitty in your tummy!" 

So I realized her pretend play is so real in her mind. So I was the bad mommy who squished her pretend kitty. Sorry baby! :) 

I had to pretend that kitty survived so she can go back to playing with her imaginary friends once again. Sigh! i hope she outgrows this. hehe.

There is however one important lesson I learned here. Never to take your kids for granted no matter how busy you are. You never know that in the process, you may be the one to crush their dreams. Her toys may not be a big deal to you but at her age, her toys are her life.


  1. thanks for sharing this sis...indeed a lesson for moms like us. guilty din ako minsan nito...napapagalitan ko si cache or just ignore her when she's talking too much or asking so many questions. parang makulitan ako but then hubby would remind me to always pay attention, be understanding and patient :)

  2. hi lizzy.. thanks. oo nga e. but then we are not perfect. lets just hope that we raise our girls to be good and confident. :) thanks for visiting my blog dearie.

  3. Guilty number 2, i need to understand my daughter. I'll make up, promise.

  4. haha.. at least i know di ako nagiisa. thanks for taking time to visit my blog sheng! :)


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