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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mommy and Baby Day Offs

After years of waiting for my little one, it has been a special time for me when my little girl and I can finally go on our mommy-daughter dates. Maybe because I had years of planning it, waiting for my little one to appear. And I have not mistaken the happy feeling I have every time we are on these dates. --given of course that my little girl is not having a tantrum. :)

Often, these dates happen during the times I have to go on my errands in the city to go get groceries. And luckily, my little girl adores going to the grocery with me. She would pretend the shopping cart is a big bulldozer and mommy is "Handy Manny" hehe. Excuse my little girl, she grew up loving Bob the Builder and Handy Manny cartoons and the fact that our bread and butter is a hardware store. :) 

So after the grocery, when we'd go around the mall,  she will go on rides on the kiddie activity center or the ferris wheel or the mall kiddie train whichever she fancies. So i have to allot us a small portion of the budget for the weekend so we can spend the day as we please. 

For me these day offs with my little girl is precious not only for my sanity but for my little girl who seem to value moments spent with mommy. I hope I give her enough happy memories she can pull so that when she's all grown up and she encounters a point in her life when even friends are mean to her or leave her when she needs them the most, or when she discovers heart break for the first time, she will have a lot of happy memories to pull and reminisce about. And hope that it might somehow brighten up her day. I always believe that a happy childhood will be the key to a high self esteem and happy disposition in life. So I pray that these little moments spent with my little girl will add to her treasure trove of happy thoughts later on in life. :)


  1. This one is nice, I also want a happy kiddie life for my kiddoes, hence the occasional trip to the mall, and watching movies!

  2. hi sis...i agree with what you said about having a happy childhood. minsan lng maging bata...dapat ma-enjoy ng mga kids natin childhood nila. God bless

  3. korek mommies sheng and liezl! :) happy childhood for me makes happy disposition later on in life.. hoping we can give that to our kiddos.


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