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Thursday, July 15, 2010

the magic of yakapsul and kisspirin

Kids are truly the gentlest of creatures. their innocence and beliefs sometimes leaves me in awe. its amazing how a simple hug brightens up their day. i've even read somewhere that to raise a confident and well-rounded individual, his or her childhood must have been filled with a lot of hugs from parents. of course one would ask the question why a simple gesture such as a hug can contribute to a child's well being in the future..for me i guess it just reassures them that they are loved. Kids after all are hungry for affection and attention especially from parents.

Imagine for a second children who are beaten up by their irresponsible parents..or  the street child who are taught by their parents to steal and lie..Don't you sometimes wonder why they still crave for hugs and affection from the same parent who inflicted the same bruises physical or otherwise on them? I guess the answer stems out from the fact that they want to please their parents. That in doing so, they will gain the affection and sometimes just the "attention" of their parents. They are born with the natural need to be touched and loved by no one else but their parents first.

For me, I always believe that showing affection for your kids through hugs and kisses really forges a strong bond between parent and child. As mommies our toddlers believe at their very young age that we have magic powers... So I recommend a healthy dose of the "Yakapsul"and "Kisspirin" especially at moments such as:
  • when your toddler feels scared. when imagined monsters loom under her bed.
  • when she has a boo-boo and she needs you not so that you can put band-aids or betadine on her wound but for you to kiss it. (I know the pain doesn't really go away but kissing her suddenly makes the pain seem more bearable for her)
  • when you go for visits to her pediatrician and dentist
  • when her pet fish or imaginary pet fish dies or suddenly goes AWOL
  • when its raining outside when she feels like playing hide and seek
  • when its time for her to start school and the separation anxiety (which i know you feel more than your kids :) starts to kick in
  • when a kid in school was unkind to her
  • when she didn't get a "Star" from her teacher (bec her teacher run out of ink :)
  • or just at times when you feel she needs a hug and a kiss... (there doesn't have to be a reason everytime, trust me) 

For my 3 year old, it is enough for her to sit on my lap while i blog =) and she colors her coloring books even if we don't speak a single word.. its the feeling that we are together that makes her feel secured. So I guess its true what they say that kids need a lot of hugs and kisses to help them grow to be confident and whole individuals. "Whole" in such a way that they are complete in themselves, there won't be much room for insecurities later on in their life. So while our kids are still young, shower them with all the affection you can muster. There is no such thing i reiterate, for too much hugs and too much kisses for parents who truly adore and love their kids.   


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