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Friday, February 11, 2011

Daddy the Photographer

My four year old can't really understand when I often tell her that daddy has a photo shoot or that daddy has to go to the studio to make people smile with his camera. She doesn't get the "photographer" kind of work. All she knows is when daddy goes to the city to shoot, he is at a mall 'naglalakwatsa' and it makes her sad since daddy didn't take her and mommy along. :)
Daddy off to a photoshoot with his gears and camera bag..

So it was a nice surprise for her when one Sunday, after our day at the mall,
daddy has a scheduled shoot at Montage for the Kasalan 2011 of Project O!. She got to see daddy in action. She was so excited seeing five of Gensan's finest in one studio all dressed up for the shoot. She calls them the "pweety pwincess" and she was so happy to see daddy asking them to smile in front of his camera.
the five pweety pwincesses daddy took photos of...

It is a bit sad for a mom like me when we have our own resident photographer and a little girl who hates posing in front of the camera! And then at the shoot, she was imitating daddy's steps, imagining that she is the one taking the shots with her imaginary camera and instructing the models what to do next. Dioskoday!  I realized she might grow up like daddy, as a photographer.. so there goes my dream of having a supermodel for a daughter! :) Sigh!

So now, when daddy goes to the city to shoot, she understands that daddy is a "fotogwafy" (photographer) and he holds a camera so he can say "cheese" and make people smile with his camera. :D "Thats what I want to be when I grow up mommy! "


  1. o di ba sis, si bea artist na photographer pa.hehehe!


  2. Like the story of this article..:)

  3. at least she loves daddy's work as foto-gwafing!:)

  4. @may..mukha nga sis! :)

    @nante..thanks for visiting our blog. :)

    @alcy..si daddy lng ata nya feel na fotogwafing sya..hehe..thanks for reading our blog dearie

  5. sheeessshhh... na-teary eyed man ako nito uy! i love omar! he's simply OUR man (me and direk dino veloso) coz he never fails to amaze us with each project. and of course, i love you manay lynette coz you're so supportive and so pweeeettyyy!!! and now i love your daughter kasi love love ko sya...

  6. hi manay! thanks.. our family loves you too! :) personally since being a newbie at sox bloggers, you and kuya avel were particularly nice to me. and you're both pweety..inside and out :) *mwah*

  7. Your daughter is gonna be a fotogwafer soon, a mowdel too?


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