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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

the reawakening of the kikay in me...

before i got hitched
I really don't consider myself as the "kikay" type of girl. In clothes, I wear clothes that are comfy, shoes well..slippers more like it and wear almost close to nothing when it comes to makeup....nah! Sometimes I like to look a bit stylish, I still miss those days when people especially guys do a double take just to have second look (hehe feeling diyosa..feeling lng naman). Those were the days when I was still a corporate slave, wearing fancy corporate clothes and shoes. Going to the salon on weekends, having my hair and nails done, even wearing make-up. That was life in the metro. My life as single unattached me.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Clown Phobia

We were invited to attend the 1st birthday celebration of a friend's daughter. And so the three of us - me, dada and beaboo trooped to the party. Upon entering the gate, the hired clown was performing magic tricks for the party guests. One look at the clown and my little girl went wild, literally shaking with fear, shouting and crying "No clown!" and then she ran out the gate, pushing a dog that was blocking her way! O my galigas! I have not seen her so scared like that.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween at Kalsangi

"Trick or treat..smell my feet…give me something good to eat…"

first time we went trick or treating with her walking on her own :)
The first time I went trick or treating with my little girl was when she was only a year old
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