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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How a bag pocket made a mommy’s life more easier...

When my baby was born, I had a tough time picking out a baby bag. It was because I have one very important prerequisite – it has to have a lot of POCKETS. Call me an organize-freak or your occasional OC but I really want to have the contents of my bag organized. I don’t know, I just like to have everything inside my bag and all the items accounted for from time to time. I hate to leave something behind a friend’s house for example just because I forgot I placed it on my bag in the first place.

So it was like an OC-mommy’s dream come true when I discovered “Bag Pockets”.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I tell myself...

My daughter goes to me asking for a hug when I know all she wanted was to sit on my lap. She does this every time Im in front of the computer emptying my thoughts on blogs I wanted to write. –hay.. I hope she falls asleep early tonight, I tell myself.

She grabs my hand and insists that we color the scribbles she made on a piece of paper she picked up somewhere. Reluctantly I do as she wants and silently I pray – please let her sleep early tonight so I can do whatever it is I wanted to do without interruptions, I tell myself.
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