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Monday, July 4, 2011

Mommyjournal's 2011 Top Emerging & Influential Blogs

Its my first time to nominate my Top Emerging and Influential Blogs and below are my favorites:

 The PINAY TRAVELOGUE is a blog about the various places 
 hubby and I have been blessed to have been to. 
It also showcases some of his prized photographs (with a few of mine :)
plus places in and around our beautiful Mindanao 
to somehow help erase the bad publicity about this
often misunderstood island.

Second on my list is:
a food and beverage blog by Gandaeversomuch's Orman Manansala
He has a flair in providing his readers with good and honest reviews
of each restaurant or food that gets his attention. 

Third is:
written by another mom to moms and aspiring moms out there...
Shiela Marie Dumalay's blogs makes me treasure the gift we have as mothers. 
I get a lot of good info and useful tips about motherhood from her site.

Fourth is none other than:
this fashionista gal, gives us a blog for all the ka-kikayness
every girl should know about. I love reading about the latest trends in fashion
and makeup tips from Donna Congson's blog, since I have the same passion for make up.
A treasure trove of kikay stuff!

Fifth on my list is:
Ariel is a blessed teacher. It is no wonder that most of this students adore him.
His blog is a personal journal of things that catch his fancy.
Be it a book review, a topic he is passionate about,
I find his opinions on subjects very engaging. 

My number six is:
I always find Leah Valle gifted in the art of writing. She writes with a certain passion,
I always feel whatever she wishes to convey through her blogs. And she is one 
good photographer and make up artist as well! Talk about being present
when the heavens opened and decided to bless people with talents! 

Number seven on my list is none other than:
Sir Gilbert Tan is an educator by profession, and a very good one at that! 
His advocacy for literacy and reading is very evident in this blog wherein he gives
informative and very worthwhile (often witty) reviews of books he happen to take an interest in. 
His wide collection of books and extensive readings really earn him the right to be
Gensan's own Bookworm. 
Glitter Words

Eight is given to:
Another educator, this lady's blog gives us an interesting
perspective on her take on life, love and her passions. 
Glitter Text - http://www.sparklee.com

Number Nine on my list is:
Jinky's Kitchen World
This mom reigns supreme in her kitchen coming up with
delectable recipes for her family
Sparklee.com - http://www.sparklee.com

and finally, the tenth on my list:
Having a travel blog of my own, this blogger from Cebu presents his experiences in each of his travels in an entertaining manner.

If you want to make your own nominations, click on the link: http://www.influentialblogger.net/p/join-top-10-emerging-influential-blogs.html


  1. Interesting list! hope you could drop by rizalpark.org. Since you still need 4 more nominees... you might want to consider us to your list :)

    best regards!

    Jhong Medina

  2. thank you for nominating me te nette :) mwah!!! :) hope to do MUA jobs with you one of these days....

  3. Thanks for checking out my blog Jhong, yes will visit your site soon! :)

  4. hi donna.. sureness. see you soon! :)

  5. Hopefully, within your number 10 is either pinoylifewithpkd.blogspot.com or cebumd.blogspot.com. A mommy's priority sa family is health and I talk about health mixed with everything Cebu, events and reviews. Your visit is highly appreciated.

  6. hello, im glad if you wish to include my blog in your list. thanks

  7. thanks for visiting my blog cebumd and roy..will visit your blogs soon!

  8. Hi Lynette. I just included your entry in the raffle masterlist. Hope to see you on September 13.


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