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The mommy journals is a personal blog of all the wonderful experiences (or not!) i have as a mom, the things that I learned, things that make me smile and raves and rants not related to motherhood at all. :) 

My hands have been aching for a medium to express my need to write or in this case to blog. This is my personal realm so all things you will read here are all my own. I don't mean to offend if you read something you find offensive, its really nothing personal just the exercise of my own free will to express my thoughts through writing. They are after all my opinion and I believe I am entitled to them. On the other hand, if you like what you read, you are likewise free to express yourself through the "comments" box/section of each blog post. And I really would appreciate hearing from my readers (if I'm lucky enough to have any :).

Enjoy the journey of parenting with me, indulge in my quest for expressing my thoughts and feelings through the written word. If you happen to come across my page by accident, thank you nevertheless and hoping you like what you read. :)

About the Blogger

I am a doting mom to my girls Bea Louise and Bianca Marie. I have a degree in AB Behavioral Science (Industrial Psychology) and a few units in child psych which I don't seem to know how to use on my own daughters. :) I am originally from Paranaque and lived there my entire life up until a decade ago when I decided to make my life more challenging by agreeing to marry my ex-bf of 4yrs and moving way down south in the beautiful island of Mindanao. :)

Visit my other blog at http://www.pinaytravelogue.com 


  1. ^^ Hello po, I just want to ask,where to buy ballet shoes in GenSan ? Except in "Body Music". Saan po mabili yung ballet shoes na X yung parang Garter niya. Parang cloth po yung shoes, brown po siya ? ^^

  2. hi.. did you try robinsons? or gaisano baka meron pa. :)

  3. Hi! Interesting blog you have here. I'm learning a lot from what Polomolok life would be like, especially with your experience with SOCOTECO - something I dread! I am currently residing here in Manila and will be moving there this year. You mentioned you run a hardware store? Do you by chance happen to do free deliveries if we order from your store? Thanks.

  4. Hi.. thanks for dropping me a line. will you be working anywhere near the Cannery area? We have reasonable delivery rates if you want stocks delivered to your house. Just visit the store po for more details.. thanks much! and hoping you enjoy your stay here at Polland (Polomolok Land :)

    1. Awesome. We'll drop by the store. We'll be in the Brgy Polo area somewhere near the Kalsangi Golf course. Currently our house is still being built so I'm looking around for places to purchase materials. May I get the name of the store please. Thanks.


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