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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Beaboo Anecdotes Series 4

Sometimes, my little girl never fails to make me laugh. Her innocence is amusing most of the time. Sharing with you some of her recent kalokohans..


At a local mall, we were invited to sit down so bea can take puzzles and IQ tests by people selling educational DVDs and book sets.

So sitting down, all three of us were listening to the sales lady prattle on about the benefits of the book. She was talking non-stop so I was just nodding my head from now and then uttering "uh-huh" from time to time with my hands folded on the table.

After a while, I noticed bea nodding her head continuously with her hands on the table in exact replica of what I was doing. The only difference is that she hasn't got a clue as to what the lady was talking about, she just kept on nodding her head.

Hay.. I couldn't help myself, I burst out laughing. I didn't care what the lady was saying. Lukaret kasi tong anak ko. :)


Bea waking up crying one morning...

ME: Why baby, you had a bad dream?
BEA: Yes mommy...huhuhu
ME: about what?
BEA: wordworld
ME: oh, what letter this time?
BEA: wetter "O" mommy...huhuhu

Wordworld is a tv show for kids helping them build words through animation. Whats funny is when she dreams about them, the letters in her dreams were always squishing her down.. :D

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