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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Toddler Harness

Some may wonder what is a toddler harness... it is sort of like a leash you put on your curious little adventurer who just discovered the freedom that comes with walking on their own. There are different types of toddler harness available in the market. There are some you put on your child's wrists like a bracelet attached to a parent's wrist and there are some which goes around your kid's upper chest hugging your toddler sort of like a backpack (some styles even have backpack so you can re-use them when the kids outgrow the harness) .

I know that parents have varying opinions when it comes to a toddler harness. Some parents think it as an inhumane way keeping children in leashes sort of like dogs. I was actually thinking along these lines up until I had a hyper active toddler more than a year ago. 

I discovered that the toddler harness is an effective way of keeping your tots from wandering around and getting lost or being picked up by people we will brand as the bad elements. Let's face it, kids who start walking are adventurous, walking around and letting their curiosity rule where they want to go. At this stage, no matter how you keep your eye on them, chances are, they will stray especially in big spaces such as the mall. And most often than not, they don't want to hold your hand all the time or they don't like the idea of behaving and sitting in their strollers. They just have to roam around! :)  

So the toddler harness is a sure fire way of keeping them in a close distance from you without limiting their freedom of exploring. My daughter's first harness is a wrist harness made by Safety 1st, quite sturdy and we used it a lot until my daughter discovered how the velcro tape works making me buy the backpack type.

Most are available in various malls or you can also get these from my unique finds store.


  1. This is great for those kids who are hyperactive...

  2. thanks for visiting my blog! :)


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