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Monday, December 20, 2010

Sox Bloggers and RC Polomolok… Making A Difference in People's Lives

Bloggers are usually people who love to write. They enjoy “blogging” about something that happen to them or the places and social events they attend so that the whole world will know about it. They have become the new media, getting invited to attend an opening of a business, getting freebies just for them to blog (or to write) about a business establishment or a product. Rarely does one come across a group of bloggers who have a heart. I am of course talking about the SOCCSKARGEN BLOGGERS or the SOX BLOGGERS.

unloading the gifts for purok Palakasam like Santa's little elves...
In far flung purok Palakasam in Polomolok, the Rotary Club of Polomolok 101 in partnership with the Sox Bloggers headed off to distribute gifts for the “Shoebox-full of Love” project.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Montage Xmas Get Together

Its that the time of the season once again, where we have a series of  Christmas parties one after the other. Tonight was Montage's own version. These group of guys and a gal are composed of the best and most award-winning photographers in these part of the island. Most of them have won a photography contest not only locally but abroad as well. So as usual, simple old me was a bit overwhelmed by their mighty presence..hehe. Excuse my photographs...I am after all not a photographer but a blogger :)

The hunks of Montage Digital Photography: (L-R but not from hunk to least hunk :) Ronald R., Ronald V., Virgel V., Hannah, Arnold V., Dan Dee, Cris and Omar G. (not in the picture: Dong P, Sherwin D., Ghie C. and       Dino K.)

Okay enough of the praises and back to the party. Its funny to note that once they band

The Christmas Elf

Every year, lola flies to gensan  to visit our little one come October, not only to be present for her one and only apo's birthday but to decorate our house for the yuletide season. So Christmas comes early in our house so to speak.  When lola starts opening her boxes of decorations, my little girl's face lights up. She loves to help lola (ehem pretend to help since all she does is play) put the balls on the xmas tree, with a few ones ending up as bowling balls (reason we have to replenish our xmas balls every year).

It has become an annual ritual for the two of them. Switching from daily activities to busy

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Beaboo Anecdotes Series 3

My job as a mom oftentimes has its rewards and sometimes these rewards manifest themselves in the normal, everyday things that my child does that give my heart a glow. From the serious “I wav yu mommy” to the funny ways she sees things that more often than not give me a stomach ache from laughing. She usually takes me by surprise when I see the humor in every new situation. Here are more of my favorites some happened recently… 
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