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Friday, October 28, 2011

Is Life fair?

Whoever told you that life was fair? The fact that we were born was proof enough that life isn’t fair and that our existence has nothing to do with our choice. I have yet to meet someone who can tell me that being born was his own choice.  And so, given this dilemma, life in itself is not a choice given to us but a gift given to us by our Creator. I say gift since we may do with it as we please.
We may decide to make good use of it, looking at all the good things that come with it, or we may choose to trash it, destroying this precious gift that was given to us.

For most of us, this gift called life is a constant struggle. Struggle to make ourselves happy, struggle with the daily grind that comes with a job so we could live the good life. Struggle to find relationships bonded in love. Struggle to make this gift into something we could be proud to look back on when our friend death decides to take it away from us. Again, even in death, we were not given a choice. 

Given this thought, how do we deal with the spices that come with life? How do we face it when our worlds start to crumble? Problems after all are part and parcel of this extraordinary gift. Now how we deal with them is the choice given to us.

For the pessimist such as myself, when my world crumbles, I see it as a torture. Problems are torments that leave us unbalanced. It is cast upon our shoulders to make us suffer. I am not a masochist, so I am not fond of pain. But problems for me are that way.

But on the other hand, problems make us whole. It completes the gift of life given to us. I’ve realized that without these spices in our life, we would never truly appreciate what a wonderful gift life is. If we never experience falling, we would never truly appreciate rising up after each fall. If we were never hurt, we  would never learn the courage that comes with fighting for our happiness.

And so I ask you again… is life fair? No it is not, and it is in being unfair that we truly experience the beauty of this gift given to us.


  1. Hello..its been awhile but I do like you and I used to come here. Once you told me that you tried my recipes and you like them...I was so happy to know that. Please come over to my place and collect the award that I passed on to you. Thanks


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