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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Life's Silver Lining...

Life has its shares of ups and downs. Often it happens you find yourself swimming in a sea full of sharks, with the constant worry of how to keep yourself afloat while thinking about how to defend yourself with no crude weapon but your own hands.

Life is filled with problems from just worrying about a teenage crush who never seems to notice you to more serious ones like how to make ends meet at the end of a grueling day at work to grieving over the loss of a loved one.

And then you start to wonder…

Where is the silver lining in life’s storm? Will you ever find it amidst the hardships and toil that you go through on a day to day basis? Where is the pot of gold at every rainbow?

Oftentimes, when we are on the verge of jumping ship, when our cross is too much for us to bear, we see ourselves on bended knees praying and hoping that the Almighty presence of God can be with us in this tumultuous part of our journey. Its funny that we only seem to remember His presence at crucial times in our life when we are on the brink of giving up. And so I think the reason for the problems in life is not to punish us or to gloat over our hardships, but its God’s way of asking us to remember to thank Him for the times in our life that we are in our happiest and to teach us to count our blessings.

The silver lining amidst the storm is always there, we just fail  to see it at times. Problems blind us that way. It may be that the silver lining is present in the baby sleeping in our arms, or the presence of loyal friends who stand with us supporting us as we brace ourselves on the onset of the raging storm of our lives. Often, God pokes us with life’s dramas to remind us of the blessings we have that we fail to appreciate. The people that are around us -- that if we are stripped of all things in this world, either a job, a business, all the material things, we may put importance on things that really matter.

Problems make us stronger. It is a good teacher…it makes us look back at the mistakes we have done in the past so we may learn from them. It hones us to be resilient.

And lastly, put your trust in God. Sure enough, when you are on the verge of quitting, you will find that success is not far within your reach. God wants you to succeed, all the time. You only have to put your faith in Him and accept that problems are His way of making you stronger. So if you are in the midst of life’s storm, don’t fail to look for the silver lining. Its always there.


  1. you're welcome dearie.. konting pampa-antig ng damdamin :)


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