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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Preparing a Survival Kit

With the recent disaster that struck Japan, it made me think of how powerless each of us can be in the midst of a calamity of this magnitude. We can only pray for God to even out the odds a little for us to survive. So my "praning" old self was suddenly thinking of the inevitable.. what if mt matutum, a supposed dormant volcano suddenly decides to wake up and join the current hoopla? what if the big one suddenly hit gensan?

In the event of the inevitable,

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Beaboo Anecdotes Series 4

Sometimes, my little girl never fails to make me laugh. Her innocence is amusing most of the time. Sharing with you some of her recent kalokohans..


At a local mall, we were invited to sit down so bea can take puzzles and IQ tests by people selling educational DVDs and book sets.

So sitting down, all three of us were listening to the sales lady prattle on about the benefits of the book. She was talking non-stop so I was just nodding my head from now and then uttering "uh-huh" from time to time with my hands folded on the table.
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