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Monday, December 20, 2010

Sox Bloggers and RC Polomolok… Making A Difference in People's Lives

Bloggers are usually people who love to write. They enjoy “blogging” about something that happen to them or the places and social events they attend so that the whole world will know about it. They have become the new media, getting invited to attend an opening of a business, getting freebies just for them to blog (or to write) about a business establishment or a product. Rarely does one come across a group of bloggers who have a heart. I am of course talking about the SOCCSKARGEN BLOGGERS or the SOX BLOGGERS.

unloading the gifts for purok Palakasam like Santa's little elves...
In far flung purok Palakasam in Polomolok, the Rotary Club of Polomolok 101 in partnership with the Sox Bloggers headed off to distribute gifts for the “Shoebox-full of Love” project.
This annual project of RC Polomolok 101 aims to distribute old clothes, basic necessities such as rice and noodles, school supplies, toothbrush and toothpaste kits and slippers to hard to reach communities in Polomolok.
Shoebox full of Love gift giving at purok Palakasm (only now its not in shoe boxes but in sugar bags :)

thanks to Gala Builders Supply for the annual stack of school supplies
Speaking as a former Rotarian and a Rotarian’s spouse, I was proud of the Sox Bloggers who came with us at this year. Most of them were used to trips to see tourist spots and the beauty of the island, but they were there to see and help the indigent community where the luxury and pleasure of a five star hotel amenities is never heard of. These communities like that of Purok Palakasam and Purok 8 in Kinilis have constituents who have lived their entire lives in the mountains. Some have yet to see a doctor or a dentist. The Sox Bloggers had to weather out the dust and heat just to have this experience with us. And I guess the genuine smiles of the people who welcomed us there is testament enough for the sincere gratitude they felt for having been given importance by other people they don’t consider kin or clan.
Sox Blogger Rosilie Lim manning the registration booth with one of the first ones to register for the medical/dental mission

After the gift giving at Palakasam, we headed off close to the tip of Mt. Matutum to reach another indigent community in Purok 8 Kinilis. This time, as the Sox Bloggers unloaded their gifts to share to the community, RC Polomolok had a medical/dental mission. No amount of money can equal the feeling you get at the fulfilment of helping these poor and oftentimes forgotten souls who live so far away from everything. It makes you want to be grateful for the clothes on your back and the soft bed you get to lie on at night or the food that we have at our tables at home.
Purok 8 Kinilis, you can almost see the tip of Mt. Matutum, so close to the clouds
Rtn Grace Salazar performing medical check ups single handedly
Rtns Celema Grino and Melani Deypalan both dentists manning the medicine dispensary

In behalf of the men and women of the Rotary Club of Polomolok, we wish to thank the Sox Bloggers namely: Shiela Marie Dumalay, Ric Dee, Arnel and Rosilie Lim, Rabsky Villanueva, Ariel Lalisan, Nanards Navarro and all those whom I fail to mention here who donated things for this cause and bringing Christmas to the mountains of Polomolok. May God bless you a hundredfold! And Hope to see you again in future projects. Naks para akong si P-noy!

Sox Bloggers: Nanards Navarro, Arnel and Rosilie Lim, Ariel Lalisan, Rabsky Villanueva, Sheila Marie Dumalay and son (not in the picture: Ric Kyawkyaw Dee)

RC Polomolok 101 with partners-in-service Sox Bloggers


  1. i remember in my management class, i will do my job as a student, i will share my things to them. i will make them happy. and now, it became a reality. thanks for inviting us. i can't wait to post my blog regarding this activity and i will post this url para mabasa din ito ng iba. thanks ma'am lynette!

  2. thanks rabsky.. proud of you :)making a difference at such an early age.

  3. I feel so sad di ako naka join, conflict sa sked kasi. Lyn , if need nyo volunteer just let me know ha =)I missed one half of my life for not joining this event=(

  4. hi cidy.. :) theres always next year.. and you dont need a major project like this to make a difference in other people's lives. trust me. :) thanks for reading my post.

  5. ulitin natin uli ito maam lynette :)


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