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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Beaboo Anecdotes Series 3

My job as a mom oftentimes has its rewards and sometimes these rewards manifest themselves in the normal, everyday things that my child does that give my heart a glow. From the serious “I wav yu mommy” to the funny ways she sees things that more often than not give me a stomach ache from laughing. She usually takes me by surprise when I see the humor in every new situation. Here are more of my favorites some happened recently… 


BEA: Wuk mommy, a ho...(--pronounced as hō-- pointing to my nose)
ME: Ha? A what?
BEA: Mommy…a ho!! Nose ho!
I just realized she just told me that my nose has a HOLE! :)


I caught Bea playing with my cellphone for the nth time. So instead of scolding her, I tried a different approach…
ME: Bea whose cellphone is this?
BEA: bea picture see? (pointing to my screensaver)
ME: No, ang tanong ko…kanino ito?
BEA: …is black mommy

Sigh..I wonder if this is a future lawyer in the making…


Bea was watching “Nemo” one of her favorite movies while Lola was cooking lunch. Then Lola calls her attention to eat…Bea runs to the dining table since she was “hungwy na” … Lola served the sweet and sour fish.. one look at the fish and...

BEA: Oh no!! NEMO!!!

And then she ran away from the table and refused to eat Nemo for lunch. 

Lesson for Lola: don’t serve fish for lunch or dinner when little kids are watching Nemo the movie! Reserve the movie when you plan to cook pork or chicken meals..hehe.


A few days ago, my little girl was being naughty so she received a serious scolding from her dad. Then one afternoon while we were watching tv, she started drawing 4 people on the paper. 

BEA: wuk mommy …is bea the ballerina..
ME: wow that’s nice.. who’s this next to bea? (I said pointing to her drawing)
BEA: fairy ate carissa and queen mommy
ME: ok..thats nice. Who’s this bea? (while I was pointing to the 4th person in her drawing with really long hair and sharp teeth)
BEA: is daddy mommy.. 
ME: oh? why does daddy have sharp teeth?
BEA: is daddy the monster, mommy. 

Kaloka! Tawa na lng ako ng tawa sa kalokohan ng anak ko .. kanino kaya ito nagmana?


  1. syempre mana sa Mommy- hehehe! nakakatuwa naman si Bea.

  2. hehe..thanks for reading our blog may :)


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