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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Montage Xmas Get Together

Its that the time of the season once again, where we have a series of  Christmas parties one after the other. Tonight was Montage's own version. These group of guys and a gal are composed of the best and most award-winning photographers in these part of the island. Most of them have won a photography contest not only locally but abroad as well. So as usual, simple old me was a bit overwhelmed by their mighty presence..hehe. Excuse my photographs...I am after all not a photographer but a blogger :)

The hunks of Montage Digital Photography: (L-R but not from hunk to least hunk :) Ronald R., Ronald V., Virgel V., Hannah, Arnold V., Dan Dee, Cris and Omar G. (not in the picture: Dong P, Sherwin D., Ghie C. and       Dino K.)

Okay enough of the praises and back to the party. Its funny to note that once they band
together, they are like little children. Comfortable in each other's presence, they have no pretenses...and my gosh they laugh like little kids! --as in literally! hehe.. hope they don't wring my neck for blogging about them. But they truly are lots of fun to be around. I wonder how they get a project done.. hep..hep.. someone here might interrupt saying they are professionals so covering events are their forte. Okay let's leave it at that.Sorry I haven't the prowess for putting videos here.I have yet to learn about that. I would've loved to show you how they party. :)

funny mode
Now, imagine they were the ones covering your event. Wouldn't that be lots of fun? Visit them at the 2nd Floor, Gaisano Atrium, Gen. Santos City. :)


  1. hahaha, thanks for posting madam lynnette. =)... thanks for the warmth welcome into your home at syempre mga pabalot mo para sa amin..at yung Gala's carrot cupcake....chalap chalap..=)

  2. thanks. i always order them from gala..next time isama family ha..para mas masaya..tsaka para pag gumimik ulit..papayagan na. hehe


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