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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Christmas Elf

Every year, lola flies to gensan  to visit our little one come October, not only to be present for her one and only apo's birthday but to decorate our house for the yuletide season. So Christmas comes early in our house so to speak.  When lola starts opening her boxes of decorations, my little girl's face lights up. She loves to help lola (ehem pretend to help since all she does is play) put the balls on the xmas tree, with a few ones ending up as bowling balls (reason we have to replenish our xmas balls every year).

It has become an annual ritual for the two of them. Switching from daily activities to busy
elves making the house all christmasy and warm for the happiest season of the year. It is for this reason that its kinda sad when its time for us to put down all the decor, and then my little girl will bombard me with her "kwismas mommy?" asking me when its time for her and lola to put up all the decorations all over again.

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