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Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Clutter-Free 2011

For this year, I think I would like to free myself from all the clutter in my life. Now when I say clutter, I meant not just the physical mess I get myself swamped in but the non-physical clutter in my life as well. Meaning, all the people and negative emotions otherwise referred to most of the time as "excess baggage" that make you feel bad about yourself.

First, let me analyze the physical clutter one at a time:
  •     Messy work and vanity table. I've always considered myself a neat freak. I am not a fan of clutter especially in my house. So if you come visit us at an unexpected moment, our house will still look presentable and orderly even if i have a 4yr old running wild and often messing up everything :) The thing with my work table is probably due to the fact that clutter in my table makes me feel "busy" that amidst all the bits and pieces of paper, it makes me feel as if im having a productive day even if I really am just kidding myself most of the time. Same goes with my vanity table in my room :)
  • Holding on to me pre-baby clothes. Sad to say, I weigh only 117pounds before I had a baby. Now I've gained unprecedented amount of weight :). It has been four years now since the time I became a mom and yet I find it so hard to let go of the closet full of tight clothes.
  • Baby's firsts. Would you believe I still hang on to my baby's first things.. first rattle, first romper, baby basket...the only ones i get rid of are her first diapers.hehe. Maybe that's what being being a first time mom after a 5year wait does to you. 
And now the non-physical clutter in my life...
  • The Negative people in my life. These are those people who have fun seeing you down. Those that belittle you or are so thick-skinned that they don't realize that you like them have feelings and are otherwise have imperfections. 
  • Those people that are inconsiderate of other people's time and schedules appearing super late and sometimes I think if they purposely wanted to ruin your schedule for the rest of the day.
  • The self talks that sometimes turn negative and let myself down sometimes
  • Relationships I don't need
Now I know that clutter doesn't appear overnight it slowly accumulates over the years. So instead of making a new year's resolution that I usually do at every start of the year that I sometimes compromise in lieu of the more easier way of doing things.  I will try to be more realistic and make small steps in de-cluttering my life. 
  1. Since a messy table give only the illusion of having too many things to do, I think it will be best to throw away the non-essentials in my table. It is also a good way to start investing in desk organizers to start with.
  2. Hanging on to my tight clothes is sort of like hanging on to what I used to be. Maybe it would be a good idea to start donating them to the needy ones, people who will make better use of them. It will not only give me an extra space in my closet, but it might feel good knowing that your old clothes will still be well loved and look good on other needy people. Sigh. Maybe its also time to start hitting the tread mill more often, not to be able to fit in and hang on to those clothes but to start feeling better about myself as well.
  3. My little girl is past the infant stage. So I better start accepting the fact that she will no longer stay a baby for so long. Same with my old clothes, someone else's baby might still find better and good use for them. 
  4. Stop pleasing other people. Maybe it goes against the grain to think that what other people think should stop being my business. Since basically, what they think of me or my family is not important. What with all these hoopla on the end of the world coming next year (nanaykopo! :) The only opinion that really matters will not be from these negative people around me  but from a higher being from all of us believe me.
  5. If other people don't have respect for other people's time, I shouldn't be influenced in thinking I should be the same. If a consistently late friend or colleague continues to disrespect my time, then probably I am not that important to them so why even bother waiting for them?
  6. Stop storing stuff away. This may be the gist of this de-cluttering. Maybe its high time for me to analyze if I really need something may it be old clothes, a negative person or pent up feelings. Its time for me to LET GO and MOVE ON.


  1. Love this nette! You might want to save the other clutters for the next Kinilis trip?

  2. this may be one of the best reads of 2011! every mom -- i mean EVERYONE should read this!

    in the meantime, ibigay mo na sa pamangkin ko ang mga baby clothes mo... she's due to deliver on april... hehehehe!

    keep writing, nette...

  3. @sheng..i sure will dearie. i gave some last time but hold on to a few..hehe so para net year na nga ung iba.


    @sir O.. thank you thank you coming from you thats really a compliment :)


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