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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

the reawakening of the kikay in me...

before i got hitched
I really don't consider myself as the "kikay" type of girl. In clothes, I wear clothes that are comfy, shoes well..slippers more like it and wear almost close to nothing when it comes to makeup....nah! Sometimes I like to look a bit stylish, I still miss those days when people especially guys do a double take just to have second look (hehe feeling diyosa..feeling lng naman). Those were the days when I was still a corporate slave, wearing fancy corporate clothes and shoes. Going to the salon on weekends, having my hair and nails done, even wearing make-up. That was life in the metro. My life as single unattached me.

But married life has altered me completely. Suddenly I didn't find the need to dress up so much. Salon visits were trimmed down to twice yearly frequency. Haha! talk about being considered sold in the market. It was like this for a time until another change gave me another perspective in life - I became someone else's mom!

with my little kikay baby
Being a mommy suddenly gave me a lot of reasons to be conscious of my appearance. The rebirth of the "kikay in me". Well of course if you want your little girl to be proud of her mom, it doesn't help wearing "dasters" and no make-up. Suddenly, i didn't want to be mistaken as my child's yaya instead of the cool mom. :) I was scheduling monthly facial sessions at Hairs and Nails Salon, growing my hair long and having hair spas whenever time and money allows it. Suddenly I was visiting the blogs of fashionistas like Kikay MuchGet Prettified, and being addicted to Shoppingera. It follows that showing a little "kikayness" also brought about the doting mom in me. I was making a fuss about my daughter's clothes, her hair clips that should match and the shoes that go with it. Simply put, being a mom is a new realization, a reawakening of the kikay in me. Suddenly, looking and feeling beautiful has taken on a new meaning, if only for the eyes of my little girl who seem to idolize her mommy. :)


  1. :) ang cute ng matching blouses nyo
    Good Luck!!! :) and thank you for joiningg the kikay in me contest :)

  2. thanks dons :) ill tell you where i bought it when the time comes na ikaw naman ang mommy :)

  3. like your post sis...korek ka dyan, dapat mga mommies kikay pa rin :) sabi nga ng hubby ko, namana talaga ni Cache ang kaartehan mo, hehe. nwey, wish ko din magsuot ng same clothes kami ni cache. may nakita ako online pero i forgot na the site. saan mo ito na-purchase sis? God bless.

  4. hi lizy..ay you can order yours from katricewear :) melissa sells matching clothes online sis. im sure you and cache will look good in matching outfits.

  5. and before you know it, when beaboo becomes a teenager, salon sessions, shopping, and spa days will be one of the best mommy-daughter activities to do. :)

    i learned my fashion sense from mom :) and even now, she still can surprise (aka shock) me hahahaha! its also good to know that we can borrow clothes :D

    this is a cute article, ate lynette! :)

  6. hehe.. thanks ida..nice of you to visit my blog :) its a compilation of stories for beaboo so she can read it when she's all grown up. sana lng di sya kilabutan at sabihing..mommy so baduy..haha!

  7. Kikay mommy, kikay baby!

    You're one pretty mommy, Lynette. I guess, being a SAHM gives you more time for your family and for yourself ultimately.

  8. thanks brendel! sometimes i still get star strucked rubbing elbows with all you celebrity bloggers :) not ultimately a SAHM mom though i wish...hehe. i help hubby sell nails and cement for a living.


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