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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

beaboo anecdotes

this blog is a repost from my facebook notes.. :)
havin my bea louise has been a roller-coaster of emotions for a mom like me, but the most special moments i love are the funny, witty comments she makes out of her sheer innocence. what makes it even more amusing is knowing the fact that she doesn't really mean to offend, she is very literal, with no double meaning like grownups usually sound. so here are a few of my favorite anecdotes...(i'll update as soon as a new one springs up :)

i was tired of having to play horsey-horsey all afternoon carrying bea on my back so i told her to give it a rest)
me: baby mamaya na muna tayo play mommy is tired na.
bea: pweez pweez mommy..horsey horsey..
me: do i look like a horse?
bea: YES!! (oh my gosh..i look like a horse?? --dont answer that please)

bea: YEYE! YEYE!
lolo oca: ay di ako yaya mo..
bea: yeye! wuk a puppy!
( i had to explain to a confused lolo oca that ye ye is grandfather dad's side in mandarin chinese..she learned it from a childrens tv program teaching kids a little mandarin :)

bea singing barney songs all night)
bea: SIN mommy SIN!
(funny, nobody asked me to SIN before :)

i was reading a storybook one night to bea,at the end of the story..)
me: ...and they lived happily ever after.
bea: AMEN!
me: no baby, its "The End
bea: no mommy..its AMEN..see? (she points at the letters in the book as if she can read :)

while i was singing our goodnight song..i added a few new lines to the song..
bea: no mommy! its mmm..mmm.mmmm. (the part where i was supposed to hum)
(naloka ako pati sa lullaby memorized nya at kinocorrect ako :)

**un-anecdote moment:**
when bea said "I WAV YU MOMMY" for the first time accompanied by a hug. i was teary eyed hearing it from her in so many words..without coaching from daddy or anybody. i was touched bec it felt like she really understands what she just said --mommy moment PRICELESS.

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