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Thursday, August 19, 2010

I tell myself...

My daughter goes to me asking for a hug when I know all she wanted was to sit on my lap. She does this every time Im in front of the computer emptying my thoughts on blogs I wanted to write. –hay.. I hope she falls asleep early tonight, I tell myself.

She grabs my hand and insists that we color the scribbles she made on a piece of paper she picked up somewhere. Reluctantly I do as she wants and silently I pray – please let her sleep early tonight so I can do whatever it is I wanted to do without interruptions, I tell myself.

In the mornings she would run to me just when I am enjoying my cup of coffee. She wants to run and play ‘cat and mouse’ with me. – hay I wish she could go and play with her dolls so I can watch the news with my cup of coffee, I tell myself. 

She insists on climbing my back for a piggy back ride before we head off to take a shower. She doesn’t want anybody else to bathe her, only mommy! – just a few more years and my back will be spared of this, I tell myself. 

…and on and on I convince myself to be patient about the little things my little girl does that bother me.

And as I watch my little girl sleeping in her bed one time, I realized the importance of each little moment with her. How important it is for me to treasure each second she wants to spend with me. Then I ask myself… How many years does God give a mom to spend with her child exclusively? How many years does a child crave for the attention of only mommy or daddy? 

And then it hit me hard that as a child grows, her independence grows with her. Sooner or later,she will no longer want mommy or daddy’s attention. She will crave for the company of friends more than me. 

Before I fade into the background, I realized how truly important each moment spent with my little girl is. It doesn’t matter if I have tons of things to do. I can always make time for coloring and drawing sessions, for games of ‘cat and mouse’ or tickling match, for long piggy-back rides before showers. I have to make do with the time I get to spend with her. When its “only mommy” and no one else completes her world and so I tell myself. =)


  1. this is nice dear...writing your thoughts as your bea boo grows up. at least u don't need to tell stories to bea later. she'll just read your blogs. great job!!!

  2. How sweet! Little time spent with the little ones are the most important and precious time ever. I'm glad you're enjoying every moment spent.

  3. thanks for reading cel and pearl!

  4. I agree dear!M enjoying every precious moments with my boys too..It's fulfilling!By the way,congrats for a nice blog site...

  5. hi...nice post. i can relate. i got a 2 year old active girl also. patience talaga and lots of love when dealing with a toddler who is so curious and full of adventures. sabi ko nga kay hubby...enjoy talaga namin ang mga moments with our dear Cache habang maliit pa (ang bilis pa namang lumaki ng bata). God bless

  6. thanks for reading mommy liezl. you're right mabilis talaga sila lumaki. so cherish talaga natin mga "only mommy" stage nila. =)


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