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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

beaboo anecdotes 2

another repost from my facebook notes :)
june 13, 2010
so here is part 2 of my beaboo anecdotes..i'm taking Espie's advise and documenting everything bago ko makalimutan mga kalokohan ng anak ko :) i 'm known to have short-term memory..nyay old age showing? so here are a few anecdotes i remember..some happened just recently...enjoy! --i did! :)

while omar and i were frantically searching the whole house for omar's house keys..
OMAR: bea help mommy find daddy's keys sige na..
BEA: ok daddy..
and we were bending here and there..and thinking about changing the locks for the entire house! imagine if it happen to be picked up by an akyat bahay gang member ..hay praning!
OMAR: bea, did you see daddy's keys?
bea runs to her bedroom and comes out with something behind her back and then...
BEA: SOPAAAAYS! here it is daddy!
(hay muntik na atakihin sa puso daddy nya!)

when bea was feverish all night, the sleep deprived mom finally gets a much needed sleep on the sofa when all of the sudden bea started shaking and shouting at me..
ME: ok ok im awake..ano na?
BEA: U seeepy?
(hay gusto ko na hambalusin anak ko talaga! :)

me and bea singing..
BEA: twinkey, twinkey wittle BAT
ME: baby i think its STAR not BAT..
and bea repeats the same lyrics over and over again
BEA: how i wonder what you AT!

moral lesson: it only goes to show that adults should be careful what they say and sing around little kids..bec they're like sponges they absorb everything (attn: tita marie.. hehe :)

(this is a bit gross so..not for those with weak constitutions..hehe)
one time while we were lying in bed, bea suddenly farts loudly (as in loudly!)

BEA: huh..huh...WAS DAT? (moving her head from side to side acting surprised)
-ay di na ko nakasagot..tawa na lng ako ng tawa..i didnt realize me pagka-komedyante tong anak ko :) i just dont have an idea san nya yun nagaya.

when bea just turned one, while we were in a shopping mall in manila, i left her with ate betchay (my cousin) while i looked for..i forgot what i was buying that time sorry. anyways..bea noticed i was missing so..
BEA: dede...dede...(going around and around the kids play area)
ATE BETCHAY: bea you like dede? eto bottle mo o. (and she gave bea her milk)
BEA: dede...dede.. (still walking around with her bottle)
-when i arrived..
BEA: DEDE! (and she ran to me)
-imagine calling your mom "dede" in front of a crowd of people in the mall! breastfeeding your baby sometimes has its drawbacks, for a time, bea called me "dede" instead of mommy when she was a tad younger.

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