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Monday, July 12, 2010

Motherhood--a life changing experience

I've only been a mom for exactly 2 years 7 months 2 weeks and 2 days and yet being a mom has opened my eyes to a lot of things i never considered important before. Being a mom has led me to do the inevitable and made a lot of changes in my life. A few changes and things i've learned so far is...

  • that you can actually carry a fragile little baby without breaking its bones
  • that picking up a crying baby every so often and lulling her to sleep doesn't necessarily mean you are spoiling her, babies have a natural need to be touched
  • that babies love to look AND imitate the facial expressions of their moms and/or care takers so i always make sure that no matter how tired or sleep deprived i am, i always smile at my baby whenever i pick her up, funny as it may seem to others (imagine smiling at a frowning baby at 3 o'clock in the morning)
  • i've mastered the art of changing diapers even with my eyes half closed at wee hours in the morning, poop doesnt seem to be yucky at all :)
  • that i could actually catch my daughter's puke with my bare hands in the absence of a plastic bag
  • that i could sing "i love you" (barney's goodbye song) and "mr sun" aloud with action, amidst a crowd of onlookers in the mall or in the airport just to make my daughter smile
  • that painting with your hands (and feet) are much fun than using a paint brush
  • that it doesnt matter how numb my arms have become sitting for long periods on a bumpy ride in the car just as long as my baby is snug and comfy sleeping in my arms
  • that you can actually de-stress just by watching your sleeping baby
  • i've learned to take notice of the little things my little explorer is taking an interest in, be it a spider, an ant or a wriggly worm
  • that kisses and hugs seem to fill me with happiness and fulfillment at the end of the day

Simply put, being a mom has taught me to be selfless. To consider my child's needs before my own. Truly God made us mothers to teach us a valuable lesson on love, of giving of ourselves and our time for the welfare of our children who are entrusted to us. I say "entrusted" since i always believe that they are not possessions to control or dictate later on in their lives. We are but stewards to guide them and hone them so they grow up as good individuals according to God's plans. I may not be the "perfect" mother, but when my child is all grown up, i would like her to look back and remember me for having given my best and my all to this life changing career God gave me as a MOTHER.


  1. so inspiring...

  2. thanks for viewing my blog! i wish you could tell me your name/nic so i can address you properly :)

  3. i'm sorry..it's me kahrenn again..=)

  4. i'm sorry..it's me kahrenn again..=)


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