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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Worldwide Culture Swap

The Worldwide Culture Swap is a project initiated by three French expat moms aimed at promoting different cultures around the world to children - starting with their own - to partner families/ children all around the world. Their tagline being "Bringing you the world, one package at a time" is a simple endeavor which centers on bringing families from different parts of the world closer to each other by introducing their own cultures to partner families  within a WCS group. 

For starters, and to those of you who are utterly curious ( I know I did :) so here are a few information from their website about this culture swap program:

All swaps are open to children, families, schools, homeschools and clubs around the world. We have had families take part as well as teachers, grandparents and servicemen wanting to set up an exchange for their children back at home -WCS team

Types of Culture Swap Groupings:
  • Worldwide Culture Swap - A group of 5 families from around the world swap packages containing items related to their country and culture.
  • US State Culture Swap - A group of 5 families from different US states swap packages containing items related to their state's geography and culture.
  • Culture Swap for Schools - An exchange between two schools / classes which takes whatever form is agreed between the two educational establishments.
  • Find a Pen Pal - A service putting children and families in touch with potential pen pals from around the world
I first came upon this program from a friend and fellow blogger Lady Garcia (you can check out this hot momma's blog here). I got so interested in the program that I readily signed up for it. Readily, Mymy of the WCS team arranged for me to be included in the WCS group 62 with four other mommies who signed up. My group is composed of the Marais family from South Africa, the McConnell and Robison families from the USA and the Boned family from Spain. 

At first, I hadn't got a clue on what to send them (well being my first time). But I was so excited to tell them about the Philippines that I ended up with these items on my stash... hoping to come up with more items next time I join. :) 

If you are interested to participate in this project, check out the WCS website here. You can also visit their facebook page. So what are you waiting for? Click on the links and sign up. Share a little about our culture here in the Philippines to partner families around the world.


  1. Happy to know that you already started your swap! Enjoy!


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