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Monday, July 30, 2012

Saludos desde España (Worlwide Culture Swap Group 62)

Saludos desde España! Greetings from Spain! 

It was a wonderful surprise for Bea when she arrived from school last week...

The package from the Boned family of Spain has arrived!

It was filled with a cornucopia of exciting things about Spain and Tenerife in the Canary Islands...

It came with a bag of Spanish Gofio, at first we thought it was cookie crumbs or what was left of the cookies that Elena sent. :) But then after reading the attached information, we found out it was the famous Canary island Gofio. We just reshaped it using my polvoron cutter. :)

Gofio is the Canary Islands name for flour made from roasted grains (typically wheat or certain varieties of maize) or other starchy plants (e.g. beans and, historically, fern root), some varieties containing a little added salt. Gofio has been an important ingredient in Canarian cooking for some time, and Canarian emigrants have spread its use to theCaribbean - info from the wikepedia

Along with the package came Spanish coins, I told Bea that during the Spanish colonization of our country, if the Spaniards never left, we might actually still be using these same coins. :)

My little girl was excited seeing all of the wonderful things from Spain, 
but this was what caught her fancy...

De la familia de Gallinero a la familia Muñoz-Boned, 
queremos darle las gracias por compartir el sabor de España con nosotros. Disfrutamos de los artículos enviados. 
Con la esperanza de que nuestro disfrute también. 

From the Gallinero family to the Boned  family, 
we wish to thank you for sharing a taste of Spain with us. 
We enjoyed the items you sent. 
Hoping you enjoy ours as well. Thank you

If you want to be a part of the Worldwide Culture Swap, visit their official website here.


  1. What a great package! I laughed when I read that you thought you had received cookie crumbs! :)

    1. It was yummy nevertheless...down to the last crumb :) thanks for dropping by Rachael!


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