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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Worldwide Culture Swap Group 62 - FROM KENTUCKY, USA

This was waiting for us at home today...

It was a package from Lexington, Kentucky, USA
The McConell's package has arrived! 

Bea was so excited seeing the items
from the minute we opened it. She readily grabbed these two little darlings who thank God, survived traveling from across the world...

The package was an extensive load of very useful information about the USA and Kentucky. Regena was obviously very organized that it came in different zip-locks. This one was about her  native Kentucky and everything in it like the gorgeous posters, the flaglets and bookmarks were about Kentucky. We love also that she took the time to personalize the printed information that came with it. I had to restrain my daughter from tearing all the ziplocks since I had to explain it to her one at a time. :)  

This one was about the country as a whole, it came with various stickers which Bea couldn't wait to get her hands on. Little tidbits about the USA and an authentic dollar bill and coins. :) And we loved the books about America and horses too! 

The contents of the next zip-lock however, I didn't get to touch... Bea was already putting them on and posing for my camera. :) Thank you for  a taste of the Louisiana Mardi Gras! Now my little girl can party whenever she feels like it. It was a nice experience for us since the accompanying literature made her understand Mardi Gras and co-relate it to our fiestas and festivals here in the Philippines.  

From the Gallinero Family to the McConnells in the USA: 
We wish to thank you for sharing a little of your country and your city with us here in the Philippines. We love every single item you sent us and hoping you get to enjoy ours as well. 
Thank you Thank you! 
We truly appreciate them Regena! 

If you want to be a part of the Worldwide Culture Swap, visit their official website here.


  1. Oh, I love seeing that Bea knows how to laissez le bon temps roulez! (But then, most children do!) I hope she will be able to enjoy some of the things now and the books for a long time to come....


  2. Oh my, this really is a great package! I especially like the animals :)

  3. @ Regena.. thanks so much.. very much appreciated!

    @ Rachael.. yup.. Bea loved those especially. They now have a spot in her bed. :)


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