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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bonding Moments...Baking

Kids are such a joy to work with. They are passionate little souls that help you wholeheartedly once they put their minds and hearts into something.

At times when we feel like eating cookies, rather than just buy them, we bake them! And what better way to bond with your little ones than baking!  Whats fun about it is,
they get to participate actively in the baking, testing their patience on how long they can resist sticking their tongue out on the spatula for a taste test. Plus it tests your patience too... waiting for them to actually put the spatulas in their little mouths!

Beaboo and I usually go for baking mommy and baby moments such as this. Its a rare opportunity for me to bond with my little girl. Its just a challenge though keeping all of the ingredients for the cookie inside my mixing bowl! :)

Of course it helps to have a timer handy as well. You might both be having fun that your cookies might actually end up burned. :)

And Voila! -- the chocolate chip oatmeal cookies we made...


  1. if you want to know how responsible parent's raised their kid's...

    " Just Look At The Kid's Teeth " 0('-')0

  2. hehe.. i never thought about it that way, but thanks. Im really proud to say that my little girl is cavity free :-)

  3. Hi Lynette,
    Oh what a joy to see your little darling here. Ive been out of blogland for a time and now Im back.Im not sure if you remember cause I have a new place and a new site. Again Im your follower. Hope you can visit me and likewise I will be happy to see you in my follower's place. Thanks.


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