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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Beaboo Anecdotes Series

Bea playing with her leappad, teaching me how to play Brave (from the movie)

Bea: mommy.. so thats the LEAVING DOOR!
Me: the what? you mean its alive? like a "living" door?
BEa: no mommy! that's the "leaving" door because its where you go when you want to leave! (and she says it as if its a natural thing to have "leaving" doors in every house.)

hmmm... i wonder where the "entering" door has to be? :)

feelingamazed. (reposted from my facebook status)


One time, my little girl was writing a letter for Lalaloopsy. She placed it inside an envelope and asked the help of her ate Jen to put it in the post box we have outside the gate.

After a number of days, I saw her getting her umbrella and opening the gate by herself. Given that these times are dangerous. I got nervous seeing her opening the gate all by herself, what if she goes out unseen by any of us in the house.. oh my!

Me: Bea where are you going?

Bea: in the mailbox mommy.

Me: why?

Bea: Lalaloopsy might left me a letter!

Me: whats the umbrella for? Its sunny outside.

Bea: its for the bad people mommy. So I can stick them with my umbrella.

aaah. praning din pala tong anak ko. ma-enroll nga ito sa martial arts para di na nya kelangan ng umbrella! :) so proud of my little girl - naka mana sa praning na nanay hehe.

yesterday at home, i was amazed by a very "helpful" Bea...

while cooking our dinner: BEA: mommy i help you cook (so i let her hold the spatula)

while washing the dishes: BEA: mommy i help you wash (so i let her play with the water while i wash the dishes

while tidying up our bedroom: BEA: mommy i help you, im a good cleaner! (so i let her sweep the floor with the broom)

while i was in the bathroom, she knocks: BEA: mommy what ya doin?

ME: making pupu.. why?

BEA: i help you mommy..

(O my gawsh! luka-luka tong anak ko! i wonder how she expects to help me with that!)


last night while trying to sleep kasi brownout...

BEA: mommy.. i can't sleep!

ME: don't say "can't" if you do you really won't do it.. always say "Can" so you will try and believe you can (Anlalim agad ng usapan namin no?)

BEA: what about flying?

ME: huh?

BEA: i can fly.. i can fly.. i can fly...

(hay ambot. ang can sleep napunta sa can fly.. how to explain na ang flying di pwede ang positive thinking! sigh!)


Daddy having a serious conversation with her 6yr old...
DADDY: so what do you want to be when you grow up? you can be an architect.. and draw tall buildings! or a doctor?
ME (butting in): what about an interior designer? so you can get your clients to buy stuff from our store (hehe)
DADDY: or an engineer like daddy? what do you want to be when you grow up?
BEA: I know! I know!
DADDY: a doctor?
BEA: No daddy, I want to be a FAIRY daddy!

(hahaha.. i wonder how he can convince her daughter that being a doctor is more exciting than being a fairy. so it all comes back to flying...hay!)

We were early at Church today,
Bea asked me: mommy... where is Jesus?
So I pointed to the big crucifix on the altar.. and then she goes:

BEA: Mommy! the fat guy who reads in church! where is he?
ME: sweetie.. that's not Jesus, he's the Priest. That's Father.
He's there o...
BEA: He's a father??? of who?

hay naku! I hope God gives me endless patience for my little girl's innocent questions and the skill to perfect my poker face so I don't end up giggling even in Church!


BEA: "Mommy daddy says im his CRICKET! Bec i have to look at his pictures"
ME: ano daw
BEA: im his cricket mommy...
ME: ah what daddy means is you're his CRITIQUE silly. Bec you have to see if his pictures are good.
...daddy naman ksi d malinaw magsalita.


I was scolding bea... and then she started singing...
BEA: this girl is on faaaayeeeer!! this girl is on fire... (pointing to me)

haaay. imbes na mainis ako nagwalk out na lng ako bago ako matawa at di ako magmukhang convincing! me pagka loka loka talaga tong anak ko. still wondering kanino nagmana.. — feeling lost.

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