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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bea's New Tweety Neighbors

photo from the internet

Just this weekend, while Beaboo and I were playing (yes I play with her too :) at the backyard, there was this little tangerine Maya bird (who looks a lot like the photo on the left) going back and forth in one of Lola Cora's hanging plants...

She was carrying branches of twigs, going back and forth our pocket garden. 

This is what Lola's hanging plants look like from afar... the one on the right was where she was bringing pieces of twigs. We will post pictures of mommy bird as soon as she poses in front of our camera :)

So we got really curious and started peeking inside the plant...

And Lo and behold! It was a bird's nest! She was building a nest in our garden. 
Beaboo and I got really excited. We have birds right in our backyard. Its nice knowing that little birdie thought our garden was safe enough for her to put her eggs in. It's the first time we have a nest with eggs on them! :)

The first time we took this shot, there were only three eggs, now as I write this, 
the bird has a total of five eggs in her nest! :) 

We got really excited seeing the eggs in the nest, and Beaboo goes:
"Mommy! this means, this birdie is my pet now!"
Hehe. yeah right sweetie. as long as the little birdies are still inside the eggs.
I'm sure mommy bird won't allow us to keep all her chicks. But it was a very nice experience for me and my little girl having a front seat as nature shows us how God takes care of everyone and finds shelter even for the littlest of his creations. :)


  1. perfectly timing blog

    because easter egg hunting festivities is coming

    Is that the real bird responsible to that eggs ?

    its make me wonder and its too small birdie to delivered that volume of eggs 0('-')0

    and i noticed the label is missing in that photo.

  2. hi, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, mommy bird who looks a lot like the photo I posted above is the same kind that made the nest. I have yet to take her photo. hopefully before her eggs hatch. :)

    and the fact that a little maya bird like that can deliver 5 eggs (not to mention how she got eggs that big out of her still baffles both me and my daughter. :) but we'll give you an update if and when we could be lucky to take shots of the little bird-lings :)

    1. daghang salamat too !

      Feedback Is Much Appreciated.

    2. you're most welcome. and thanks for "accidentally?" dropping by our blog. let us know your name next time so we could address you properly next time. balik-balik! :)

  3. sounds good to me mam ! 0('-')0


  4. UPDATE: mommy bird seems to have been gotten really afraid of me and bea poking our face and camera on her nest... she totally abandoned her eggs! :(

    learning for me and beaboo: never poke your camera in other bird's business or nest for this matter :)


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