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Friday, November 30, 2012

DIY Christmas wrappers and presents

"Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas... dum...dum... dee dum...."

I can't help singing that song as I see Christmas decors everywhere - in the mall, the lanterns and lights adorned on houses we pass by at night...Of course, in our house our tree has been up since after Beaboo's birthday last October, thanks to our official Christmas decorator - Lola Cora! :) It has been a tradition to decorate our house and put up our tree right after Oct 5. since Lola has to go back home to Paranaque after that. So yes, it has been Christmas-y in our house really early. 

But yesterday, I was busy wrapping a few Christmas presents. And my little girl was busy on her own. Guess what my busy little bee's up to? 

Yep. She is busy making her own Christmas wrappers! She chanced upon the stack of bond papers in daddy's office and she was drawing and coloring these wrappers. Hmmm.. and so I thought, these would really make a unique wrapper and I'm sure the people who would receive them would be happy and treasure not just the present inside but might actually keep the wrapper since Bea painstakingly made them herself! Wow! Good idea Beaboo!

But then, this blogpost is to be continued after Christmas when I find out what she has wrapped since the card on the present says here it's for me! hehe. Hmmmm. Should I be worried? :) 

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