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Friday, October 5, 2012

Beaboo Anecdotes Revamped

Some of Beaboo's latest antics... sharing them with you before I forget them. :) 
*About Money:  
BEA: Mommy can you buy me a toy?
ME: but you have tons of toys already and besides we don't have money
BEA: But I have money!! look!! (she shows me her coins, about P20 of assorted coins)
ME: But sweetheart that's not enough. we need the paper money too.. we have to work really hard so we can have enough money to buy you toys 
BEA: but mommy... paper comes from twees (trees) right?  where we gonna get twees?(oh gosh! please explain that to my 5 year old, pakiconnect ang work sa trees :)

ME: If there's something strange... in your...neighborhoood... who you gonna call?  
(do I look like a ghostbuster? )

ME: what are you doing with my lotion, daddy's mouthwash and our toothpaste?
BEA: I'm making a potion mommy...
ME: potion for what?
BEA: for you!
(nge.. i hope she doesn't expect me to drink it!)

pweez God, don't make it rain, my mommy has tons of laundry!
(Before taking a bath, Bea gets hold of her bodywash and pretends to read the label...)
BEA: mommy is this soap for shiny? 
ME: why?
BEA: because I want to shine in school!
(after using her soap...)
BEA: mommy am I golden?
(oh.. so that's what she means by being shiny. and for a second I thought she wants to get medals in school) 

ME: baby did teacher tell you if you're gonna get a medal in school?
BEA: NO!! I don't want a medal!!
ME: Ngeee.. why naman?
BEA: because teacher says Jollibee will give the medal on stage!
(hay.. Jollibee. Is there a term for fear of Jollibee?) 

*Pet Fish:
( I was amazed to see Bea talking to our pet fish in the aquarium yet again... :)
ME: hey sweetie.. talking to the fish?
BEA: yes mommy
ME: what did the fish say?
ME: oh.. so what does he mean?
BEA: I don't know mommy. I'm not a fish! 
(hay! oo nga naman)

---> happy 6th birthday beaboo! Daddy and I love you to bits. And I hope you grow up to have a very lively sense of humor! :) XOXO

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