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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Art Attack: Hand-made Mobiles

With the long weekend before us and the semestral break looming in the corner, I am sure mommies and their kiddos are looking for activities to take up most of their time. For the budget conscious, who can't squeeze a vacation or a trip to the beach in these long school breaks, I have a suggestion for you! Why not indulge
yourself my dear mommies and involve your kids in a craft project which the two of you can make together! I assure you it will not only occupy a big chunk of your time, it will also build lasting memories for your kiddos. A sort of mommy-kid bonding moment.

For our first Art Attack, we will be making hand-made mobiles. Its actually my little girl's school assignment but we had so much fun doing it together, that I thought it would be a better idea to share it with you. So here are the things we will need for this project:
  • 2 barbeque sticks (it can be more depending on your preference)
  • strings or yarn (in our case we used DMC strings leftover from my cross stitching days)
  • picture cut-outs (you can choose whichever theme you would like, for me, i printed animals from Madagascar movie since tamad na to search for pictures in magazines:)
  • construction or art paper 
  • charms 
  • paper or silk flowers (or your old plastic flowers from your flower vase :)
  • glue
  1. First cut out pictures of your child's favorite things or characters. 
  2. Tape the string or yarn at the back of each picture, make sure you leave an allowance for your charms at the bottom of the picture
  3. Glue the picture with string at the back of a construction or art paper, cut according to shape.
  4. Attach hanging charms at the bottom of the picture, this will serve as a sort of paper weight to pull your cut designs in place.
  5. Tie the pictures on the barbeque stick ends
  6. Tie the barbeque sticks in the middle
Voila! you have your own handmade paper mobiles... 

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