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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Beaboo Anecdotes...updates

Forgetfulness is a trait I am slowly getting accustomed to. Maybe due to aging...sigh! :) Still in my twenties and already becoming forgetful..hehe. So before this memory gap takes me on full force I am documenting my little girls latest antics... something to come back to once in a while. Please bear with me. :)

We were reviewing our lessons since the nursery class will be having their first quarter exams...
ME: bea tell me something about yourself...
BEA: my name is bea ga-wis gawi-neyo, i am foh yees owd... i am in gwow-sewy...
ME: sweetie.. you're not in the grocery...you're in nursery!
(it doesn't help that she hangs around her lola's grocery most of the time.. hehe)

While sitting on the sofa one night, Bea started listening to my tummy..
BEA: mommy, baby in your tummy?
ME: no sweetie.. gas lang (hehe)
Then off she goes and listens to daddy's tummy instead...excitedly with eyes so big she says:
BEA: Mommy!! chicken baby in daddy's tummy!
ME: Huh? Why?
BEA: it says "Krrrruk! Krrruk!
--sometimes her innocence comes off as really funny! :)

While browsing through recipe books for kids...
ME: hmmm.. carrot sticks. Kain ka nyan bea?
BEA: no mommy kenks
ME: bakit naman? looks really yummy!
BEA: I'm not a wabbit!
--hehe.. oo nga naman diba? :)

One afternoon, hubby and I were about to go on one of our movie dates when Bea went to me and said:
BEA: mommy! i want a harry wizard!
ME: why you know harry potter the wizard?? ( i was so amazed by her)
BEA: no mommy, i want a wizard! a harry wizard!
ME: ok, you want to watch harry potter with me? (Still totally clueless)
BEA: mommy!! i want a PET HARRY WIZARD!
--and then i realized she was asking me for a hairy lizard! buyoy nga pala tong anak ko! hahaha!

After playing with ate caye in one of our dance practice, Bea went home singing her first tagalog song...
BEA: amusa ka.. ami ay asaya! eject sa anan, eject sa ayiwa...ipelekpek ipelekpek..a-yap ng ba!
Translation: kumusta ka, kami ay masaya, ipadyak sa kanan, ipadyak sa kaliwa...ipalak ipalakpak, humanap ng iba!
(the funny way she pronounces the words overshadows the fact that she memorized the song in one afternoon while just playing with another kid! there is still hope for our tagalog! hurrah!! :)

In the middle of the night, bea wakes up crying...
BEA: mommy...huhuhu... squish me again!
ME: thats ok...only a dream...what letter this time?
BEA: wetter Oh mommy!
(she often dreams about letters squishing her in her dreams.. maybe too much time spent watching wordworld. time to convince her to start watching math-tinik next! )

note: Wordworld is a show for kids in the Disney Jr. channel that teaches them about phonetics and spelling.. there's a part in the show where the characters get to 'build a word'or spell a word. actually good for toddlers since it familiarizes them and teaches them about letters and reading. :)


  1. nakakatuwa si bea sis esp. with the tagalog song, hehe. with cache, im starting to teach her Filipino words na kasi baka mahirapan pag mag senior kinder na kasi may Filipino subject na. medyo slang pa nga magsalita pero she's getting better in speaking the language. saan naga-school si bea sis?

  2. hi liezl.. sa MMCS sya dito sa polomolok. naku tagalog na nga kami magusap at mahirap na din at di pa fluent sa tagalog.si cache san mo pinasok?

  3. Ang cute talaga ng Bea-boo mo lynette! hehe continue posting funny moments with your kid !


  4. wow! nakakatuwa talaga ang mga bata. super nakaka relate ako. dahil ganyan din ang napagdaaanan ko nung toddler plang ang son ko. i remember tuloy ung salitang "ikyog ikyog". that's his word for "itlog"

    mommy marbs :-)

  5. thanks for visiting my blog marbs! :)


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