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Friday, September 30, 2011

The case of the snuffles...

Come hell or high waters, when the time comes for the flu season...we mommies are really praying hard that our little ones will be spared. Even a simple case of the snuffles sometimes causes us extreme worry especially at night when our wee ones are having a hard time sleeping. I've compiled a few of my personal tried and tested list of things to do in case your child has the cough and the snuffles...

  • See to it that your little one is drinking lots of fluids.. be it water, fruit juices or milk. Having a bad case of the colds is bad enough, don't let your child suffer from dehydration as well. 
  • Chicken soup might be one of the best food to feed your child since it not only provides sustenance, the hot soup relieves their sinuses a little.
  • Remember the old wives tale about covering your head when you go out at night so you don't catch a cold? Well, it is really helpful to cover your child's head with a beanie or a towel when sleeping since it helps loosen the mucous around the sinuses, making breathing a little bit bearable especially for small noses. (This is also applicable to grown ups trust me, I swear to this!)
  • Do you remember having a cough or colds during the hot summer season? You don't I know. Its because the cold virus does not thrive on hot weather. Its also the reason it is very common during the wet, rainy and cold season. So when you sleep, don't turn the air-conditioning unit or your electric fans to full power. It will only give you a clogged nose and throbbing sinuses. 
  • If your little one is really having a difficulty breathing with a clogged nose and you don't have a nebulizer at home, take your baby inside the bathroom. Let the hot shower run (just make sure to have a big pail so you don't waste the water), the vapor from the hot shower is very soothing and may help loosen the mucous in those little noses. 
  • Or, for a little older kids, you can put a spoonful of Vicks vapor-rub in a pot of hot water and let your little one inhale the steam to relieve their sore sinuses. 
  • Another thing I do for coughs is rub vaporub in the soles of the feet and cover them with socks when sleeping. I can't really explain why but it soothes and prevents cough fits especially at night. 

These are some of my personal tried and tested methods...not backed by any scientific study or anything. It just happens to be passed on from one mother to the next. The best remedy however for any kind of sickness, is large doses of tender love and care by no one else but mommy and for sure, the little ones will feel a little better and soon will be in their most peachy self. XOXO :)


  1. Thanks mommy Nette!

  2. thanks for visiting our blog arl! hope it helps you at times when josh has the snuffles

  3. I agree that love and tender care from mommy will heal your kiddies quickly. Those are good advice.


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