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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween at Kalsangi

"Trick or treat..smell my feet…give me something good to eat…"

first time we went trick or treating with her walking on her own :)
The first time I went trick or treating with my little girl was when she was only a year old
and with the baby stroller and all. We went to our first trick or treat experience at the elusive Kalsangi Clubhouse. It was so nice to see all the houses there all decorated with cobwebs, jack o lanterns and all the paraphernalia of Halloween. I was so happy that my kid will get to experience this kind of event in faraway Polomolok. Its like being back in Manila where trick or treating is a fun event for kids to dress up in their most scary costumes and get treats or tricks whichever end they get to have.
Halloween 2008

So after 2 years or so of back breaking pushing my little girl around in her stroller, I was so happy to return yet again this Halloween at Kalsangi with my kiddo in tow (minus the stroller) for treats of candy and small toys.
Halloween 2010

in a street at Kalsangi with Beauty and the Beast as their theme..
I was happy to note that the people in Kalsangi go through all the trouble of decorating their streets and houses in whatever theme they come up with every year. For this year though it was a Disney fairy-tale inspired theme -- thank God ! I don’t have to worry about scary monsters walking around giving my little girl a hard time since she is scared of the masks and dark costumes. Then again.. here were a group of tweens in their scary masks and dark costumes.. I guess we won’t be free from monsters after all!

some of tweens in their scary halloween costumes

the local pirate boys of Kalsangi
If you haven’t been to this island before… guess again. Yes, we also have the fancy “Trick or Treat” tradition for kids here. Its not a never-heard of thing in these parts I can assure you. Its even comparable to the ones practiced in elite villages in the Metro. You can ask my little girl, she can gladly give you a tour around Kalsangi during the Halloween season. Just make sure you have a candy on hand. Happy Halloween!

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