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Sunday, September 26, 2010

ten years and counting...

How do you celebrate a decade of friendship, love and togetherness? well, technically we've been together for thirteen years or so and we've been through the bumps and humps of married life, we've cried together, laughed out silly with each other, had boxing bouts that would put manny paquiao to shame, watched scores of movies together, simply put..we have been through a lot in a decade.


Roughly ten years ago, hubby and I decided to jump in the uber serious commitment that is marriage (and that's also the same amount of time I happen to be living here in poland! wow! really that long na huh?). What can I say? It has been an exciting ten years for us. In a decade, we happen to accomplish so much that sometimes looking back, it takes my breath away. Allow me to reminisce here and look back at what has been...

Who would've thought that in a decade, we have been blessed with the birth of our own business. Fruit of our hardwork and back breaking (as in!) "pagbubuhat ng semento" hehe. When we started, all we had was the guts to run and open a small business and the 20k we had in our pockets. I had the experience of being the tindera, the cashier, the point to person pag me nagsosolicit, the muscle man cum collecting officer, HR manager, etc. While hubby had his share of  being the tindero, truck driver (pag absent ang driver), purchaser, finance manager, over all general manager and  directions for our small business. ---in short, he's the boss and I'm the employee hehe. We never go out on lakwatsa trips, just store-home-store routine. Whatever we save, we put back in our thriving business. And looking back, it makes me really proud that we have grown to have two branches here in polomolok. :) A lot of what we enjoy now, we worked really hard for so to speak.

Hubby and I both were previously working back when we were in manila. So when we started our business, it was sort of funny since ours is the only small business with process flows for each activity (that would be me hehe. i even made schedules and work flows to make our people more efficient probably out of habit previously being a planning analyst before hehe) hubby made financial plans projections, conducted sales meetings (yep we have that every month for our sales clerks :) and etc.. Our people had math and IQ tests, forms for leaves, DAs etc. We run our business like a mini- semicon industry where we both came from. It's really quite amusing but then it has worked for us for a decade.

Okay, enough of that boring stuff..

In a decade we've had our first babies our lovable pet dogs: sam, bogs and shadow who were german sheepdogs, storm a black labrador, sam2 a belgian malinois with a new puppy ginger also a belgian malinois. But God bless the souls of sam, shadow and storm for they died already..and i cried tons for them since they were like our children.They made married life more bearable when we get tired of looking at each other. Please understand that the first half of our decade, we only have ourselves to share everything with.

The latter half of our decade, came our unica hija. God gave her to us in a time when we already stopped hoping for our own bundle of joy. She came both as a blessing and a gift to us. In all our accomplishments, she's the only one that really mattered. The cherry on top of the cake and we thank God everyday for her.

Who would forget the countless friends true and otherwise that we've met as a couple and as a family in a span of a decade. Most came as a blessing to us especially for me since they made my stay here in the south not only bearable but truly worth it. All the clubs that opened a whole new world to the both of us, starting from the local Rotary Club to the camera club, to the blogging community. It was an exciting ten years meeting all the wonderful people from each realm stemming from our own hobbies and interests.

So to sum up, I'm happy to note that we've done great! Cheers to us and here's hoping to more decades of sharing jokes, tears, smiles and laughter. I would always be grateful that at the end of the day, I can rest easy knowing that we have each other...plus more. I thank God for a wonderful ten years! :)

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