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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How a bag pocket made a mommy’s life more easier...

When my baby was born, I had a tough time picking out a baby bag. It was because I have one very important prerequisite – it has to have a lot of POCKETS. Call me an organize-freak or your occasional OC but I really want to have the contents of my bag organized. I don’t know, I just like to have everything inside my bag and all the items accounted for from time to time. I hate to leave something behind a friend’s house for example just because I forgot I placed it on my bag in the first place.

So it was like an OC-mommy’s dream come true when I discovered “Bag Pockets”.
It is literally additional pockets for your bag! Just look at how my baby bag looks like before Bag Pockets ... notice how disorganized everything is? Now my bag for example, I have to dig really hard to find my keys, and one time I have to empty the contents of my entire bag in a restaurant looking for my coin purse!

I know, I know… if you are a guy who happen to be reading this and you don’t get why girls have to bring loads of stuff in their bags or purse, well.. let me enlighten you. Its hard enough being a girl (say teenage dating girls), you never know when you’ll need a blush of color on your cheeks or a lipstick. Most girls don’t want to be caught offhanded when a cute guy happen to pass by. Hey, we don’t just look good and smell good all the time you know. We need our make-up and cologne once in a while. Plus the occasional accidents like emergency trips to the toilet or sudden red tide incidents =)

With POCKETS: you can see all the contents of your bag!
With POCKETS: the large pocket can fit baby bottles even your baby's toys and diapers!

Now, being a mom doubles the things to bring in the bag. Besides the diapers, milk bottles and formula, the baby would also need extra packings of clothes, anti-bug lotion, and others. So it was a relief to find that the large sized bag pockets can actually fit my baby bottles, diapers, cologne, baby powder, wet wipes and etc. I can see everything that I packed in my bag! What a relief! It also lessens the time I spend looking for that baby powder or my car keys. And if you happen to own a number of different bags, all you have to do is lift the pockets and transfer it from bag to bag. There is no hassle of arranging all of your things over and over with each changing of bag! Isn’t that great??

Besides its functionality, the “Bag Pockets” also has different designs to suit your personality. Plain colors are also available for those with simple tastes. It has sizes depending on your needs.. the small pockets has 5 pockets measuring 5in x 20in; medium pockets with 6 pockets 5in x 26in; and large pockets has 8 pockets with 6in x 36in measurements. If you want to get one for yourself, please check out my facebook account. 

 Have your bags organized and thanks for reading! =)

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