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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Anghel dela Guardia

For  many nights, my beaboo has been having nightmares. She usually wakes up in the middle of the night screaming and kicking. There was even a time I got really scared of her since she woke up really really angry. Her eyes were scary and she started screaming "I hate you mommy". I was even contemplating whether I should call a doctor friend or a priest friend to do exorcism. hehe. I was at loss, I couldn't understand what my little girl was going through. Then I learned she was not just having nightmares, she was having "night terrors". See previous blog about night terror here.

And then I started a devotion to my Guardian Angel. I've learned that these celestial beings are not figments of our imaginations, but truly do exist. God in His goodness has given each of us a personal angel, not only to protect us in
times of danger but to guide us in our decisions in life. They are however not like God in having the power to read our thoughts so we have to "ask" them for help verbally every time we need them. They are always on the sidelines waiting for us to call on them for help. They don't like to intrude since we are given free will, so the key is to "ask for help" or guidance. And sometimes, a tinkle of a bell, a feather and other subtle signs they give,  affirm their presence in our lives. You can read more about these wonderful beings here.

Learning about guardian angels, I started talking about them to my little beaboo. And I was surprised, she instantly named her guardian angel "Chi". At first she was scared of Chi, just the idea that Chi is behind her all the time - just invisible. But when she started including prayers to Chi about protecting her from bad dreams, I was surprised that the night  terrors we experience almost every night seem to lessen and disappear altogether! If that isn't sign enough of the presence of this wonderful beings, I don't know what does. Thank you Chi!

Prayer to our Guardian Angel:

Heavenly Father,
Your infinite love for us has chosen a blessed angel in heaven
and appointed him our guide during this earthly pilgrimage.
Accept our thanks for so great a blessing.
Grant that we may experience the assistance
of our holy protector in all our necessities.
And you, holy, loving angel and guide,
watch over us with all the tenderness of your angelic heart.
Keep us always on the way that leads to heaven,
and cease not to pray for us
until we have attained our final destiny, eternal salvation.
Then we shall love You for all eternity.
We shall praise and glorify You unceasingly
for all the good You have done for us while here on earth.
Especially be a faithful and watchful protector of our
Take our place, and supply what may be wanting to us
through human frailty, short-sightedness, or sinful neglect.
Lighten, O you perfect servants of God, our heavy task.
Guide our children,
that they may become like unto Jesus,
may imitate Him faithfully,
and persevere till they attain eternal life.


  1. Joshua has night terrors too before - really scary..y reaction was the same.. Oh and Josh have guardian angels too - he has 3 :-) Hugs to Beaboo! - Arl

  2. hi Arl.. first off.. thanks for reading my blog sis! :) medyo na-praning nga ko the first time bea started having night terrors. di naman kasi uso sa tin ang ganyan so its hard to ask around at baka sabihin ng matatanda.. nasasaniban and other chuchu. :) but its really good to finally understand and to know that we have Chi (and my Jenna for that matter) say hello to all of Joshie's guardian angels from our Chi. :)


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