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Friday, June 3, 2011


hurry..before the bride sees us! :)
My four year old is always abuzz with her myriad of activities. She is a curious little soul that has an eye out for anything new and interesting (well, ordinary everyday stuff seems interesting to her). It is during these formative years of a child - the interesting five years -
that is the best (sometimes worst, depending on the tantrum involved:) experience a mom can have with a child. It is the first five years that we have to keep ourselves from blinking lest we miss something. So how can you tell if a mom has a toddler in the house? Itemized below are some of the symptoms mommies have being around a toddler 24x7.

You know you are inflicted with toddlermania when:
  1. you know for a fact that Oooh and Aaah are not expressions but a blue and red monkey
  2. you start singing the theme song of Pocoyo or Pororo in your head when you do the laundry without meaning to do so
  3. you say "meme" when you want to take a nap or when you refer to sleeping at night
  4. your readily offer your lap and your arms as pillows when someone suddenly has the urge to go meme...even when the softest pillow is laid on the bed
  5. you start referring to a wound or cut as a "boo-boo" 
  6. you start to believe you have superpowers just because you can just kiss away boo-boos and head bumps
  7. you are so used to answering a string of questions that begin with a "Why..." 
  8. when you prefer to accessorize with little arms around your neck more than you like diamonds or pearl necklaces
Sometimes the hardest thing for me to fathom is the fact that there will come a time when I have to let my child go to let her spread her wings and fly. So before that moment comes, I try to enjoy every moment of this crazy toddler stage as I could! :) 


  1. i like number 8 best, i so can relate to it. very beautiful. i enjoy being a full time mom more that i thought i would..


  2. thanks for reading my blog arl.. and motherhood is truly something you will surely cherish. it changed my life and my view of life altogether! cheers to you mommy arl!


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