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Monday, May 9, 2011


**trying my hand at writing poems (sort of :).  I know its not as good as real poets go, but hope you like it. **


photo credits to: vladstudio.deviantart.com

I am a chameleon, i put on a myriad of faces,
happy face for the little hearts that look up to me
a ray of sunshine to those looking for inspiration
but deep inside, i am shattered, grieving
a sadness that contains me

I am drowned with this desolation, eating my heart out
like ashes in a pyre my heart is scorched
a darkness that consumes me
this melancholy suffocating, restricting
a sadness that contains me

Like smoldering fire, i smother it
hoping that in my despair
it touches no other
this sadness that contains me
I am a chameleon, i put on a myriad of faces...


  1. Hi Lynette, found your blog while browsing.I like it here..very warm and cheery and I love how you express your thoughts.we are chameleons as we travel along the road..its our shield..its our comfort to survive and the to become whole... ironic but its true.Have a great day lovely lady! I am your newest follower.pls come,visit me and if you like ..follow me too. Thanks

  2. hi marelie.. thanks for accidentaly bumping to my blog and liking it :) so glad! dont ya worry.. ill drop by cookie droplets :)

  3. Love the poem Lynette! You're such an awesome budding make-up & artist and writer! ;)

    Kisses to you, Omar & Bea! Hope we could see you guys again...

  4. What a nice poem, Lynette! Well written! You really did a great job!
    Hugs & kisses to you, Omar & Bea! Looking forward to the time we'll see each other again! :-*


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