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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Letting go of mommy's hand...

My unica hija just discovered having play-dates. Early yesterday morning, she asked me to pack her extra clothes along with her favorite tattered rag doll "pwincess". And then she can't wait to get over at her cousin's house. So there I was bringing my little girl for the first time for a play-date outside the confines of our house or the store. Sure, you can call me overprotective and sorts but then, this is my one and only angel were talking about here, the one that took us forever to make (*wink*wink*).

So there I was having qualms that she might not want to see me leave her there and might have a tantrum when I say bye bye. I was orienting my niece's yaya about my little girl's things and what to say when she suddenly looks for me since we are literally like joined in the hip ever since she was born. Its her first time outside mommy's "saya" so to speak. :) 

And then, my little girl all of a sudden took my hand and said.. "bye-bye mommy" meaning: go on.. its time for you to leave so I can play here by myself. She gave me a quick kiss and ran off to play with her cousin. So I realized.. kids do gain a sense of independence as they grow older. Its the mommy who often than not find it hard to let go.. waaaah! hehe.. 

My realization came in bursts as I figured that the really good thing we can give our kids is to teach them how to soar on their own. To make them independent. So when the time comes for us to really let them go, they face the world with the confidence in themselves that they can survive even without mommy at their side.  Sure, now I'm only trying to grasp that my little girl is big enough to have her own play-dates without a doting mom around. Actually, from the first steps she took learning how to walk on her own, she is learning to let go of mommy's hands slowly so she can acquire balance on her own. And as the years go by, sooner or later, mommy will have to accept the fact that children are only on loan to us. And letting go of mommy's hand is just the first step. :)

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